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Grand Ancestor At Blind Whino

If you missed the launch, here's your second chance to hear Washington, D.C.'s only custom built, Jamaican-style stack. Grand Ancestor Sound System will be in session at the breathtaking Blind Whino. If you've never heard a proper stack in a church (which I'm sure you haven't) here's your chance. The night will feature the musical stylings of Yola - Grand Ancestor and León City Sounds with Grand Ancestor Sound System's resident MC, HUTCHY, gracing the mic, yet again. Come get your Friday night off to the right start and catch nuff blessings!

$10 Door | 21+

About Grand Ancestor Sound System:
In the hand-crafted fashion of the analog days, Grand Ancestor has assembled the only high-fidelity sound system of its kind for the modern listeners of Washington, D.C. Grand Ancestor is inspired by the community-centric traditions of the early-Jamaican and British Dancehall scenes, later influenced by the underground hip-hop and electronic cultures that captured the world in the 90’s and 2000’s. Grand Ancestor Sound System can best be described as a custom built, wooden, mobile, 8-cabinet, 4-way, high fidelity, analog sound system. The system measures in at 10ft., 8ft wide, and 4ft. deep.

Rooted and grounded in the District, Grand Ancestor Sound System is ready to become an active platform for the growth and diversity of the local underground music scene. The Stack brings a uniquely visceral element of sound to the Nation’s Capitol. A product of several years of hard work, boss man, Jason Berto a.k.a Yola, has been growing his roots, dub, digital, and steppers night, "Computa Age”, in the D.C. area for the past five years. His dedication to hosting a multiplicity of local and international artists lead to the eventual birth of the limited, vinyl only pressings released under the Grand Ancestor seal in 2013, and the D.C. based record label hasn’t looked back since. Constructed, sanded, stained, and tuned with love, Grand Ancestor Sound System was built for those with a passion for that bottom frequency, designed to fill the audio void for D.C.’s growing underground music culture and promote sound system culture here inna Babylon.